Making Chinese art and the terracotta warriors

Terracotta Warrior

The one thing I learnt on my journey through China is that you get what you pay for. Back at home, I have always thought that things made in China were cheap crap, that’s just not true, well not all of it anyway.

Painting Foo Dogs

Me and my wife book a tour to see the Terracotta Warriors. Along the way, the tour stopped at a workshop(I know, its a place where they depart your hard earn cash from your wallet) where they make Terracotta Warriors as they did in ancient times along with an assortment of other Chinese art. While there you can see that the artist/workers really take their time in producing each piece even though they mass produce them.

Painting Foo Dogs Making Mini Terracotta Warriors Working on a chinese painging

Making Mini Terracotta Warriors

In the picture below, the lady is hand stitching a rug. When I asked her how long it take her to complete a task like this she replied “2-3months”. It’s amazing to see someone put so much effort into making I piece of rug and in my eyes a piece of art. The detail is 2nd to none and a rug such as this does not come cheap.

Making a Chinese Rug

I don’t exactly know what the store/workshop is called as it was all in Chinese, but I’m sure most if not all the tours stop at a similar place along the way to see the great army.

This place was filled with great pieces of art of all sizes, from little statues that sits on your desk, to full-size terracotta warriors made in your image. Wonder the shop, as there are alot of things to see, you may find a cool souvenir. Some items are very pricey so don’t forget to haggle and haggle hard.

Mini Terracotta Warrior My Army of Terracotta Warriors

Chinese Warrior Terracotta General

Chinese Boat Chinese Vase

Foo Dog Statue Mini Foo Dogs Mini Terracotta Warriors Mini Terracotta Warriors

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